Network of Mutuality - Using Art to Discuss Issues of Racism and Stereotyping

This lesson plan is based on the past exhibition, Network of Mutuality: 50 Years Post Birmingham, which featured works by contemporary artists and designers that tackle issues of social justice.  These issues led to the Civil Rights Movement and are still prevalent today despite the belief that we live in “post-racial” society. 

The resource packet includes a lesson plan, historical timeline about the Civil Rights Movement, and a Prezi presentation referencing the historical events that influenced several exhibition artworks, all of which can be tied to Social Studies and History standards. Also included are a workbook called Think. Write. Draw., which features all of the exhibition artworks, a PowerPoint focusing on Perception and Identity, a brainstorming worksheet, and PowerPoint slideshows showcasing student examples.

This lesson was intended for use in the high school classroom but can be adapted for younger audiences.  If you need assistance doing so, contact Katie Coogan, Curator of Education and Outreach, at