Schedule an artwork viewing

Works of art from the Permanent Collection can be made available for study in the Herman Maril Teaching and Research Gallery by students, faculty, area schools, and visiting artists/scholars. To request works for display, please follow the steps below. 

How to Select and Request works from the Permanent Collection:

  1. Click on the image box of the collection you are interested in browsing. You will not be limited to just one, you may browse from any assortment of these categories. By selecting a category a new page displaying images of works will open. You may search through and select works from the entirety of the Permanent Collection without losing your selections by navigating between categories.
  2. While browsing you may select individual works by clicking on their image. This will open a popup of a new, smaller window. Below the enlarged image you will find information regarding the piece as well as the option to “Click here to ad this piece to your cart”. Your cart will save your selections while navigating across our website.
  3. After selecting the works you would like to request, click on “Checkout”. This will send you to a new page. We request that you provide your name and email/telephone number. In the “Notes” section please list the dates you would like the works displayed, and for what reason (i.e. visiting scholar, faculty member requesting work for a class visit, etc.), plus any other pertinent information. You will also be able to view the pieces you have selected previously either by title or by clicking the “preview” box.
  4. After filling in your contact information click on “Submit Request”. Someone from The Art Gallery will contact you about your request within 48 hours. If there are any conflicts, problems, or concerns do not hesitate to contact us at or (301) 405-2763.

How to Remove Work/s from your Cart: If you make a selection you no longer want the option to “remove” an item from your “Cart—Items Selected” box is on the far right, alongside the scroll toolbar. This option is parallel to the title of each item. You may also decide to “Clear Cart” which is at the bottom of the “Cart—Items Selected” box.

To return to browsing objects from our collection, follow this link: