The University of Maryland Art Gallery was established in 1966 and endowed with its first major collection of prints and drawings from Martin W. Brown. Initially housed in the Tawes Fine Arts Center, the Art Gallery moved into an expanded site located in the Art-Sociology Building (currenty Parren J. Mitchell Art-Sociology Building) in 1976. The nearly 4,500 objects that make up the Gallery's holdings are due in large part to the kindness of its supporters and donors over the past five decades. 
Since its founding, the Art Gallery has become a leading academic museum with one of the most varied university collections in the Greater Washington, D.C region. Masterpieces from the collection include works by John Baldessari, Lee Krasner, Honoré Daumier, Paul Reed, Rembrandt van Rijin, Maurice de Vlaminck, Andy Warhol, as well as art from diverse cultures in Africa, Asia, and South America.