Herman Maril Teaching and Research Gallery

(Madeline L. Gent / UMD Art Gallery) 

An Art Gallery for the Permanent Collection
The Herman Maril Teaching and Research Gallery (HMTRG) offers the unique opportunity for patrons to select and request works from the University of Maryland's permanent collection to be displayed in the gallery. As a mechanism for researchers, educators, and the general public to encounter works that might influence their own philosophical and visual explorations, the gallery is intended to encourage the relationship between visual and intellectual pursuits.
To request works from the collection for display in the HMTRG please search our collection. A maximum limit of 10 works per visit with two weeks notice is required. Requests can be directed to Patricia Ortega-Miranda at portegam@terpmail.umd.edu. The Herman Maril Teaching and Research Gallery is open to the public during our hours of operation: Monday through Friday 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 
About Herman Maril
Herman Maril (United States, 1908-1986), a Baltimore native, was a nationally recognized artist who painted seascapes, interiors, and landscapes in a lyrical, unique, and profound style. "Herman Maril was an artist of extraordinary stature," said Lou Zona, director of the Butler Institute of American Art. "He represents the innovative spirit of an American painter who pounded out an American vision inspired by the uniqueness of this culture. In him we see the very best America has to offer."
From his early years as a teen and lasting throughout his life, Maril avidly pursued a life in the arts as both an artist and educator. In the six decades of his artistic career, Maril won numerous awards and prizes, was chosen for several Federal arts projects, and his work is currently included in over 75 museums collections. Since the 1930s, his work has continually been shown in New York City and exhibited in prominent museums and galleries around the country.
Maril began a lengthy association with the University of Maryland as a full professor in the Department of Art after his World War II service, and his influence as an educator for three decades was incredibly significant to his students and colleagues. “Herman Maril unquestionably succeeded in bringing the students within his private sphere of aesthetic sensitivity,” said the late George Levitine, former head of University of Maryland’s Department of Art.  “With inexhaustible patience, tact, and insight he brought his students to the awareness of their artistic selves.”  The Herman Maril Teaching and Research Gallery is a fitting tribute to his legacy at the University of Maryland.
For more information on Herman Maril and his art, visit the Herman Maril Foundation website