Double Back: Photographic Reflexivity

October 29 to December 19, 2014

Double Back: Photographic Reflexivity features a group of artists using photographic processes to implicate the method of representation in the production of an art object. The core of the photographic process focuses an image of the outside world on light-sensitive media, recording a representation and creating an illusionary space to consider the image. As viewers, we normally think more about this representation itself and less about the mode, method, and means of production. This exhibition will decode that representational model through careful pairing of art objects marked by or making reference to their own artificiality or contrivance; self-aware objects that simultaneously suggest the method of production and the real-world referents that produced them.


Double Back: Photographic Reflexivity features the work of artists David Emitt Adams, William Lamson, Aspen Mays and Barbara Probst. The exhibition was curated by Nate Larson, professor of photography at the Maryland Institute College of Art. To visit Nate's website, click here.