Wood Paper & Fiber

January 26 to March 9, 2012

The Art Gallery and the Department of Art at the University of Maryland present Wood, Paper, & Fiber, a transformative exhibition of regional, national and international contemporary artists working with some of art’s most basic materials to create sculptural objects that transcend their elements and captivate the viewer. The exhibition features sculptural works of art by artists Ben Butler, Chris Gilmour, Drew Goerlitz, Brian Lee, Pilar Ovalle, Aeneas Wilder, and Millicent Young. Wood, Paper, & Fiber curator, artist and Department of Art Professor Foon Sham, states his goal is to recognize common materials and how artists “skillfully transform these materials into art of great beauty and deep resonance.”


For The Art Gallery blog feature, including video of Aeneas Wilder's performance deconstructing his piece Untitled #156, click here.